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Our Mission

Henry Mountain Outfitters offer one of a kind Guided hunts in the Henry Mountain area.  We specialize in the Once in a Lifetime Bison hunts, however, because we are native to the area and we spend a large amount of time on the mountains with the Bison. We are also keeping close tabs on the  Monster Mule Deer.  We would prove to be of great assistance on this hunt as well. Hunting the Henry Mountains, San Rafael Desert and the Boulder Mountains.  We also guide for Pronghorn on the San Rafael Desert. Our associate Big Horn Sheep Guide is one of the most prominent guides in the state of Utah.

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Guided Hunting Packages

Henry Mountain Bison and Deer. San Rafael Deer and Antelope. Boulder Mountain Deer. Utah Big Horn Sheep Hunts

Henry Mountain Private Property Access

Guided Bison Hunts

The Henry Mountains is home to one of the only free roaming bison herds found on North Ame​rican public lands. The Henry Mountain Bison herd are direct descendants of the Yellowstone Park bison and one of two American Bison herds maintained by the state of Utah

Premium Outfitter Package= Pack in and hunt on Horses. Camp in wall tents. Hunt on Horses. We supply food, lodging, horses, and tack. We also help dressing and packing out your harvest. $6500.00

Standard Package= Guided Hunt using UTV's or ATV's. Help dressing and packing out animal. Food, lodging or use of horses is not included. $4500.00

Scouting Package= scouting pics and maps $1500.00-$2500.00

Henry Mountain Mule Deer Hunts 

The Henry Mountain​s are  famous fo​r its Monster Mule Deer. 

Premium Outfitter Package= Camp in wall tents. We supply food, lodging. dressing and packing harvest.


Standard Guide Package= Guided hunt using ATV/UTV's. Help Dressing and Packing out Harvest. Food and lodging is not included.


Scouting Package= Scouting pics and maps $1500- $2500

Big Horn Sheep

Call for prices and Information   435-299-0407

San Rafael Deer 

 General Season

Standard Package= Guided Hunt using ATV/UTV's or Truck $4000

Food and lodging not included

Scouting Package= Scouting pics and maps $2000.00

Antelope on the San Rafael

Standard Package= Guided Hunt using ATV/UTV's or Truck $2500

Food and Lodging not Included

Scouting Package= Scouting pics and maps $1000.00

Private Property Hunting

Henry Mountain Outfitters is proud to announce that we have obtained hunting rights on approx. 1000 acres of private property on the Henry & Boulder Mountains including Sandy Ranch and the King Ranch. Please contact us if you are interested in hunting these areas.

 Help with Applications for Draws

If you would like help putting in for some of these hunts be sure and contact us.

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